Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garam Masala Powder - My Version!

Sharada, this is for you!




Black cardamom

Star Anise/Annasi poo
Maraati Moggu



Ceylon Cinnamon

Bay Leaf
Will get the name of the ingredient, shortly! (This is also optional)



Pepper/Milagu/Kaali mirch

Cumin seeds/Jeera/Jeeragam

Coriander seeds/dhania

1.  25 gms. Japatri
2.  10 gms. Black cardamom (optional)
3.  25 gms. Star Anise
4.  25 gms. Maraati moggu
5.  25 gms. Shahjeera
6.  10 gms. Cinnamon
7.  10 gms. Ceylon cinnamon
8.  25 gms. Bay leaf
9.  1 tbs. cloves
10. 10 Cardamom pods
11. 50 gms. Pepper
12. 10 gms. Jeera
13. 25 gms. Dhania
14. 1/2 Nutmeg/Jaadhikkaai(Optional)


Dry roast - as far as possible - one by one, at least the thick ingredient, so that it gets powdered finely in the mixer.  Yes, powder everything together and that's it! Every ingredient has got its own flavour.  So, use most of the above ingredients as much as possible.

If you think that you don't need this much powder, take 50% of the ingredients and grind.  Keep the rest of the remaining ingredients in an airtight container.

Keep the powder too, in an air-tight container.  This powder is quite strong, so 1 tsp. for 1 litre subzi is enough.  After using it once or twice, you can increase/reduce the quantity, according to your taste.