Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dosai Milagaai Podi/Chutney Powder For Dosa


Dosai milagaai podi/Chutney powder for dosa

All South Indians will have some sort of Dosai Chutney powder at home.  Most of us eat dosa or idly with chutney podi/dosai milagaai podi at home (apart from coconut or some chutney and saambaar!).  It will be very tasty...for you too!  Now, to the recipe:


1.   1 tbs.  Black sesame seeds/yellu/til

2.   30-35 Red chilllies/lal mirchi/sigappu milagaai (I didn't weigh it but counted it!)

3.   1 tsp. Mustard seeds/kadugu/rai

4.   2 cups Bengal gram/chana dhal/kadalai paruppu

5.   1 cup Black gram/urad dhal/uluththam paruppu

6.   Asafoetida (as per taste - I use LG solid hing)/Perungaayam

7.   1 tsp. Dri tam/tamarind powder/puli podi

8.   1 tbs. or a bit more, salt/namak/uppu

9.   1/2 tsp. of sugar

10. Curry leaves

12. 2 tsp. of coconut oil


Keep all the ingredients handy.  Wash the curry leaves and see to it, it hasn't got water droplets in it.  For me, I take the ingredients without measuring it, but it is better for you, if you are new to cooking, to measure the dhals, chilli etc. and keep in separate plates, so that it would be easy for you to roast them. 

First dry roast the til in a kadai/wok.  Within minutes, they will start bursting.  Put it in a plate.

Dry roasted til/sesame seeds/Yellu

Take a tsp. of oil...I use coconut oil.  If you don't want to use it, take a tsp. of refined oil or sunflower oil.  Put the piece of hing into it.  It will get fried.  If you don't have the solid hing, you can add the hing powder while grinding.

Then, add the mustard seeds.  After it flutters, add the red chillies, roast it for a couple of minutes.  Add the curry leaves. You can hear the dry sound when you fry it.  Pour them in the plate with the til.

Red Chillies, Hing, Mustard and Curry leaves - roasted with a tsp. of oil.

Take another tsp. of oil. Add the chana dhal.  Fry it for a couple of minutes.  Then add the urad dhal.  Urad dhal is small in size, so it is better to add it a bit later. Roast it till it is a bit brown.  The picture was taken a bit earlier.  It should be golden brown.  Let the flame be medium, so that the dhal don't get burnt! Switch off the stove!

Chana dhal, Urad dhal, roasted with a tsp. of oil. It should be browner than this! I took the picture a bit earlier!

First grind the chilli mixture in the mixie, until the chilli seeds are powdered.  Don't leave the fried chilli until it is cold.  Then the seeds won't get powdered.  Then add the dhal, dri tam powder, salt and sugar.  My mother used to fry a piece of tamarind with the dhal and use it.  Now, we get the tamarind powder, which is easy to use! Sugar is used to blend the taste.  Powder it into a coarse powder.  It will be tasty if the dhal is coarse.  Taste it.  Add salt, if you need it.  Dosai chutney powder is ready.  You need not add til, if you don't have it at home.  I like the til taste, esp. black til. Mix one or two tsp. of this powder with oil and eat it with dosa or will love it! We add one or two tsp. of oil (ginginly oil in our house), for a tbs. of this powder, mix and eat with idly or dosa or chapaathi too! We apply this paste on the chapaathi, roll and eat! My son loves it!

We use this powder to make Idly usili/upma out of the remaining old idlies...mash/powder the remaining idlies.  Fry mustard, chana dhal, urad dhal etc. in a tsp. of oil.  Add mashed idlies.  Put one or two tbs. of this powder or according to taste. Add half tsp. of salt and half tsp. of sugar.  If you want it more tasty, add a tsp. of ghee! Mix them well. You can add some gharam masala powder also, if you want! I keep the remaining idlies in fridge and then mash with fingers.  It will be like powder!  This 'easy to make snack' will be a favourite snack of your children. You can make it just like you do upma...add chopped ginger, green chillies, onion, curry leaves with the granished dhals.  Add mashed idlies plus this powder! Snack is ready!  I will try to add the pictures of these snacks also, when I make them next time!

When we travel, most of us take idly soaked in oil plus this chutney powder.  We mix needed quantity of powder (we need more powder for this) with oil (Gingily oil, mostly...and sprinkle some water, just sprinkle, on it. It makes the idly to remain soft without drying up).  It should be like slightly watery paste ... need more oil!  Then dip the idly in it...cover both sides and pack it! We take some Amul chaach...masti... to go with it! We love this combination, while travelling! It stays for 24 hours. That's it for now!

This powder will be good with Rava/Raagi dosa too.  Click on the link for the recipe!

Please write to me if you have got any doubt. I would love to know the result, if you try this.  Try half the quantity first! If you like it, do it again and store it in an airtight container.