Friday, June 17, 2011

Kaththarikkai (Brinjal) curry powder!

Roasted ingredients for Kaththarikkai Curry Powder.

This recipe is for my niece, Apparna!

We call it Kaththarikkai curry powder, but actually this is just 'curry powder'! We can use this powder in any vegetable curry...add a half tsp. with our normal chilli powder, just for giving extra flavour or add just this powder...the taste changes! For Brinjal (kaththarikkai curry), this powder is a must!

Now, to the ingredients:

Red chilli/Sigappu milagaai/Laal mirch

Curry leaves/Kariveppilai/kadi paththa

Bangal gram/Kadalai paruppu/Chana daal


Coriander seeds/dhania

Check list of the ingredients:

1. 100 gms. Red Chillies

2. 1/2 cup Coriander seeds

3. 1/4 cup Bengal gram

4. 6-7 twigs of curry leaves.

5. 1/2 inch piece of Hing (you just pull out a piece...half marble size... from the softened hing, it is difficult to measure it!)

6. 2 tsp. of coconut oil (you can take 1 tsp. also)


In a kadai, heat the oil and drop a half an inch piece of Hing. After it is fried, add Bengal gram, roast a bit. Then add the Coriander, Chillies and Curry leaves. Roast it until everything is crisp. Powder it, after it cools down. Your curry powder is ready!

You can add this powder with some coconut, grind it and mix it in saambaar (araiththu vitta saambaar). Less daal should be used when you add coconut.

Edited to Add: The first picture is added now (18.6.11, 3.24 pm)!


Varunavi said...

Loved the powder sandhya,i love brinjal in any form,will try this..

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: Thank you, Saritha! Rasam powder is next!

Ms.Chitchat said...

Loved the flavourful kathrikkai curry powder,looking forwards for many more recipes of podis :):)

kavita said...

My mouth is watering Sandhya.I am craving for a good South Indian meal.Will try this curry powder soon :)
And i saw an update on my sidebar but never found the post so straightaway came here.

Sandhya said...

Ms.Chitchat: Will try to write more podi is an idea, thank you!

Kavita: It was a mistake. I had prepared the draft in Maradhimanni and after clicking post, I noticed it! Thank god, otherwise the kaththarikkai podi recipe would have been in Maradhimanni blog!

SM said...

think will improve taste

Sandhya said...

SM: Yes, SM! Thanks for the comment!

Ruprekha said...

Wow this is wonderful, will try it out, thanks Sandhya.

Sandhya said...

RUPREKHA: I am sure you will like this, Ruprekha! Please inform me if you and your family like it!

bhavya said...

Brinjal Curry is a Mouth Watering Dish to everyone. I Love to eat it. I had tried it yesterday it was really delicious.

Sandhya said...

BHAVYA: Welcome Bhavya! I am happy to know that you liked the curry powder and the brinjal curry. Thanks for the comment!