Monday, November 12, 2012

Badaam-Kaaju Burfi - This Year's Deepawali Sweet!

Badaam-Kaaju Katli (Almond-Cashew cake)  

First let me wish you all a very very happy Deepawali!  Tomorrow is Deepawali and I did this sweet today!  It came out well and thought I would upload the recipe so that others can also try it! It is quite easy!

Kaaju-Badaam (Cashew-Almond)


1. Kaaju/Cashew paste- 1 Cup

2. Badaam/Almonds paste - 1 cup

3. Sugar- 2 cups

4. Milk - 1 cup

5. Saffron - a few strands

6. A pinch of salt

7. Ghee - 3 - 4 tbs.


Soak badaam and cashew in a little warm water separately for 10 mts.  Peel the skin out of Badaams and grind them in a mixer into a coarse paste with as much as milk is needed to grind it properly.  Keep the paste in a vessel.  Now, grind the cashews with milk into a coarse paste and you can add this paste with the badaam paste.  Clean the jar with the rest of the milk and add it to the badaam cashew paste.  I am asking you to grind them separately because almonds take time to grind but cashew needs a minute or two to grind! Soak the saffron strands in a quarter cup of milk for a few minutes.  Apply a tbs. of ghee in a tray into which you are planning to pour the burfi mixture. 

Take a heavy bottomed vessel and switch on the stove! Drop a tbs. of ghee and spread it at the bottom of the vessel with a ladle.  The flame should not be high.  Add the paste into it immediately.  Add sugar into it.  Start stirring with the ladle. Add the saffron too.  Keep on stirring it so that the paste doesn't stick at the bottom.  You can increase the flame a bit but be careful. Add the rest of the ghee and continue the stirring!

First step...

After around 20 mts. the mixture will be like this.  Add a small pinch of salt. I got this consistency after 20 to 22 mts. The paste should start leaving the sides.  It should not get crystalised...then the burfi will be hard to bite! As soon as the paste starts turning with the ladle, leaving the sides, pour it into a greased plate.  Shake the tray so that the mixture fills it up evenly.  If it doesn't spread easily, do it with a fresh flat ladle (dosa ladle) with a little ghee smeared on it.  You can use that to slice the burfi later..after 5 or 10 mts.! You should do it when the burfi is hot! You can make square or diamond shaped burfis with a knife too!

Second step...   

Third step...

Last step!

You can use any type of measure for the ingredients...small cup or big cup.  This burfi doesn't need much ghee.  You can add or reduce as per your wish.  You can reduce the sugar by quarter cup... i.e. 1 cup paste to 3/4 cup sugar. We need that much sugar so that it binds the burfi together. 

Hope my recipe is clear.  If you have got any doubt, please write to me.

Happy Deepawali to all!


SM said...

badaam kaju burfi
very tasty and healthy burfi

Sandhya said...

SM: Easy to make too! Thank you, SM!

Varunavi said...

This is very costly sweet sandhya and i am scared to attempt it.Will love to it is if someone gives me...

Sandhya said...

VARUNAVI: It is easy to make. You can try with a small quantity first. It is very tasty, Saritha...Pinky and Varu would love it and you too!

A S said...

this looks yum!! can we use milkmaid concentrate? it is usually used for making sweets

Sandhya said...

A S: I have not tried cakes or burfis with Milk maid. Only Kheers. Take half the quantity of nuts, grid them coarsely and use the same amount of milk maid and stir. It should come out well. If it doesn't harden, say 'it is halwa'! We do that often!

All the best!