Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beetroot Saasmi - An Udupi Dish!


 This is a very 'easy to make' dish.  We use beetroot for making sweets, curry etc.  Here, we, people from Udupi, make a different dish, which can be had with rice, chapaathis etc.

Beetroot  (click on it to know the benefits of this vegetable)

Wikipedia has given a long list of benefits of beet root, mainly, it is good for the heart.


1. Beet root - 1/2 Kg.
2. Coconut - Half or 1 and a half cup grated.
3. Rai/Kadugu/saasuve/mustard seeds - 1 and a 1/2 tsp. to 2 tsp.
4. Red chillies - 6 - 10 nos.
5. Rice flour - 2 tsp.
6. Normal curd, not sour curd - 1 to 1 and a 1/2 cups.
7. Salt - as per taste (First add 1 and a 1/2 tsp. and taste!)


First peel the vegetable and cut into small pieces.  Pressure cook with some water...I do it along with rice.  Otherwise you can cook it until it is soft. Take it out from the cooker and put it in a vessel.  Add some salt and keep it on the stove for 5 - 10 mts.

Beet root pressure cooked and salt added. Let it cook for 5 mts.

Ingredients for grinding.

Grind all the ingredients except curd, into a fine paste.  And add to the cooked beet root.  Mix well.  Then pour the curd in the mixer and just turn the knob for a second (we call it one 'drrr'!) and pour it into the beet root.  Let it foam. It should not boil.  If it boils,  it will turn watery.  Switch the flame off.  The dish is ready.

My children love this saasmi! Saasmi means mustard seeds in our language, Tulu! Mustard is full of Omega 3 fatty acid, wikipedia says so!

Try this and I would be happy to read your comments!



rama said...

Thanks for this recipe, will try it soon.
Looks really good.

Sandhya said...

RAMA: Please tell me how it came out and if you and your family liked it!

sm said...

looks very beautiful and healthy dish

Kumudha said...

Beetroot is very good for health! Beetroot saasmi looks so tasty.

You have so many dosa recipes. I have to try adai...

Thank you so much for posting so many traditional recipes.

Sandhya said...

sm: Yes, sm, it is!

KUMUDHA: Welcome to my space, Kumudha!

Try the dosas and tell me how they came out!

Shail Mohan said...

Going to try this too. We make a dish with Beetroot, almost similar. Except that we grate the beetroot and cook it till done. the make a paste of coconut, green chilli, a little jeera, a few kadugu. Add the ground paste to the cooked beetroot and last add some beaten curd, mix (no heating), take it off the stove. Do radka of rai, kari patta. :)

Sandhya said...

SHAIL MOHAN: Your recipe is the same except you are adding jeera too! It should be good too!