Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stuffed Parathas...Carrot, Baby Corn, Sweet Potato And Potato/Aloo suffings - Part II

This is the II part of the Stuffed Paraatha recipes.  Please read the steps in the first recipe in the I part for preparing the stuffings for these paraathas.  This post is just variations of that recipe...Cauliflower recipe.

Carrot Stuffed Paraathas: 

 In this recipe, I have tried to do some variations in the stuffings.  Cutting carrots into tiny pieces and microwaving them is the same.  I am adding some raisins/date pieces, cashew nut pieces here.  Add saambaar powder and see if you like it! Rest of the steps are same!

Capsicum is optional in all the recipes.  I love the flavour of capsicum and so you see capsicum everywhere!

Carrot stuffed paratha
Carrot paraatha stuffing ingredients.
Carrot paraatha stuffing is ready/

Baby Corn Stuffed Paraathas:

This stuffing is just like the Cauliflower stuffing.  Microwave baby corn pieces first. You can follow rest of the recipe to the dot!

Baby corn paratha

Sweet Potato Stuffed Paraathas:

This recipe is the same like the above recipe.  Boil the sweet potato in the cooker (when you cook rice!). Peel the skin, mash and add. Other steps are the same!

Sweet potato stuffing ingredients

Sweet potato stuffing

Aloo/potato Paraathas...King of Paraathas!

The recipe is the same like the Cauliflower paraatha.  Cook the potatoes in cooker, peel and add the rest of the ingredients and make the stuffing. Add more butter while cooking on the tava and you can taste the Punjabi Paraathas.

Add some coriander leaves in the stuffing and it tastes 'different'!

Aloo/potato paratha
Hope you like these paraathas.  You can make crushed paneer paraathas in the same manner.  If any curry remains, you just add the stuffing ingredients to them and make paraathas...remember to add less salt and chilli powder accordingly.  I did paraatha out of Seppankizhangu (arbi/colocasia) curry with onions and other ingredients and it was a hit!

Tell me if you like these recipes!


Zephyr said...

I add jaggery and cardamom to the sweet potato filling and give it a puran poli flavour. Aren't Indian recipes so versatile as to be this adaptable? Love your filling ideas and pics :)

Sandhya said...

ZEPHYR: Thanks for the first comment, Zephyr!

That is a good idea, Zephyr! Esp.South Indian food has got many variations! I change Punjabi flavour into South Indian flavour slightly, sometimes!

Wini said...

Can't wait to eat them in a month! :D

Sandhya said...

WINI: Waiting to feed you, Ashwini!

sm said...

very tasty parathas

Sandhya said...

sm: Thank you, sm!


Very yammi post here. Thanks for sharing.

Sandhya said...

JAMSHED ASMI: Welcome to my space, Jamshed Azmi! Thank you!

baili said...

wow what a mouth watering sharing dear , you reminded me my dearest mom's mooli k paraathy thank you soooo much god bless you