Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mixed Vegetable Soup - Easiest Way!

We, I and my husband, have 2 cups each of mixed vegetable soup,  a couple of phulka rotis with some subji or a couple of slices of bread, at night, nowadays.  The soup is very easy to prepare.   Just try this soup sometime and tell me if you like it!

Ingredients for 4 medium sized bowls of soup:

1. 3-4 Beans
2. 2 Medium sized carrots (washed and peeled)
3. Some green peas
4. 1 Baby corn kernel 
5. 1/2 slice of capsicum for flavour (Optional)
6. 4-5 Badams/almonds for the creamy taste
7. A pinch of sugar

You can add anyother vegetable also. Anyway you will grind everything together! 

For garnishing:

1. 1/2 slice of onions, chopped finely
2. 1/2 tsp. of ginger garlic paste or half tsp. of finely chopped ginger, garlic
3. 1/2 tsp. butter
4. 1/4 tsp. of jeera/cumin seeds
5. 1/2 tsp. of chat masala
6. 1/2 tsp. of pepper powder
7. Salt to taste


I cook all the vegetables/badam/sugar etc. with some water in a vessel in the cooker along with rice/dhal in the morning itself. Then keep it in the fridge.  If the vegetables are cooked in cooker, they will become very very soft.

Then grind it well with more water, which is the first step.  Place a heavy bottomed vessel/pan on the stove.  Heat the butter. As soon as it melts, add cumin seeds. Leave for a second, then add onions.  Mix for a few seconds until it is transparent.  Add the ginger garlic paste.  Mix for another second.  Pour water.  On the whole 4 cups of soup should be there.  Add chat masala, pepper powder and salt.  Bring it to a boil.  Just let the foam form on top of the soup.  Switch off the stove.

Your swaadhisht soup is ready! Take it a bit watery or slightly thick, whichever way you like.  After a couple of times, you will know to adjust the taste of pepper salt, masala etc. You can add some Vendhayak keerai (methi leaves) or murungai keerai (drumstick leaves) in the end before the soup starts boiling. This will add more nutrition to the soup. Add very little though, so that the soup doesn't become very thick.



Shail Mohan said...

Let me try this :)

Sandhya said...

Please try and let me know if you liked it! Thank you!

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

I tried this and it's superb, m a soup lover !

Sandhya said...

SHILPA CHANDRASEKHERAN: Welcome to my space, Shilpa! Happy to know that you liked it! Thanks for the comment!

Haddock said...

Wifey is into having soups for dinner, so I think I should show this to her.
Will let you know how it turns out :-)

Sandhya said...

HADDOCK: Please do! Waiting for your comment!

sm said...

healthy and tasty soup

roj said...

nice one..but right now here is very warm...though would make in winters

rudraprayaga said...

Sounds relishing and catchy.will try.

Sandhya said...

sm: Yes, thank you, sm!

ROJ: Welcome to my space, Roj! Please try and tell me if you liked it!! Thank you!

RUDRAPRAYAGA: Please try and tell me if you liked it!