Monday, February 12, 2018

Yellu Podi/Sesame Seeds Chutney Powder!


Yellu podi/Sesame chutney powder.

Ingredients and method: 

First, these are the ingredients for dry roasting:

1. 200 gms. Black sesame seeds/til/karuppu yellu
    Black sesame seed has got more nutrition and smells good.                              
    Dry roast it in a kadaai and let it cool.
    Grind it in a mixi and keep aside.

Fry these ingredients in 1 tsp.of coconut oil:

2. 1 tsp. Mustard seeds/rai/Kadugu.  Let it splutter and then add:

3. 1 tbs. Black gram dhaal/urad dhaal/uluththam paruppu

4.  6-7 Red chillies 

5.  Washed and cleaned curry leaves...add this and fry a little. Then add

6. 2 tsp. of Black pepper/kaali mirchi/milagu (as soon as you hear the        
    'ttup'of one pepper's bursting/spluttering, switch off the fire.  If you allow all  
    the peppers to burst/crackle, the powder might taste bitter).

7. Let it cool and then grind in a mixi.  The chilli seeds should get crushed    
    properly. Add enough salt (1 tsp. first, taste it after grinding and add more if
    needed). 1/2 tsp. of sugar to blend the taste and 1/2 tsp. of Dri Tam
    (brand name for dry tamarind powder) should be added.  Add the ground    
    sesame powder and grind again. 

    Tasty yellu podi is ready.

Dry roasted sesame seeds.
Fried ingredients. You can reduce or increase the no.of chillies as per your taste.

Grind separately and then mix together in the end.
The tasty yellu podi!

Try it at home and let me know if you liked it.  You can store it in a normal container.  Refrigeration is not needed! Stays for months together if wet spoon is not used:). Good luck!

P.S.: I did with 200 gms. of seeds.  Reduce the quantity of the ingredients if you are doing with 100 gms. I took photographs when I did it during last Pongal!



sharu said...

This powder is too yummy, I have tasted it several times!!!!

Sandhya said...

SHARADA: Thanks for the first comment, Sharada!

Zephyr said...

I make it with black til every saturday for naivedyam for Shaniswaran, but don't add tamarind or sugar/jaggery. I make it with white till for storing and mixing with rice or eating with dosa/idli. Loved your recipe with these additions. Will try it with black til next time.

Loved your description of the 'ttup' cracking of pepper. So graphic! :)

Sandhya said...

ZEPHYR: Thanks for the beautiful comment, Zephyr! I try to use black pepper, mostly, for dosai milagai podi too. White til is for subjees. Black pepper with skin is better, it seems.